requested by a reddit user on how i colour!! very common and basic, but i thought i’d share in case they didn’t know! (i use paint tool sai)



I was on the toilet with that last ask I answered so I decided to actually sit and try to help the best way I can. Anon, I’m still in an art rut especially with anatomy and I’m totally not the best with it, but let me link all of you to some things I like to look at on my spare time.
I don’t have any anatomy art books, so I wouldn’t know who to recommend, but I DO have a lot of youtube videos I watch. Here’s some that might prove usefeul::

  How to Draw: Foreshortening with the Coil Technique
How to draw twisting forms

How I sketch Poses

Force Drawing with Mike Matessi part 1 « fav

Force Drawning with Mike Matessi part 2 « fav

Gesture drawing with Chris Warner

Analytical Figure Drawing with Michael Hampton « fav

Michael Hampton part 2 «fav

How to Draw Gesture with Proko « fav

how to draw structure in the body with Proko « fav

How to draw from reference with Will Terrell  « fav

My favorite books that I have on hand to practice gestures/anatomy with ARE MY HOLY BIBLES.
This one has a wide variety of body types and therefore is my fav…the chubs….>:3





The main idea to keep your gestures from looking stiff is to remember the line of action

ALSO SERIOUSLY JUST GOOGLE ANYTHING from man butts to back to arms to head angles if you cannot sit in a figure drawing class like me. Here’s a short gif of my process to sketching a quick figure


I’M STILL LEARNING MYSELF and it’s fun to practice with friends!! I also enjoy playing around with styles, majorly disney artists such as glen keane
Edit: Pixelovely is a good gesture drawing site

Many resources to help you DRAW THEM BUTTS


Jetpack Blues theme by Father-Fruitcake

✰✰✰ code | preview ✰✰✰


second theme i’ve made, i’m sure i have it all working 100% before uploading. it’s a single column, with floating sidebar! 


  • background img
  • sidebar pixel 
  • sidebar img
  • adjustable side img 
  • side img behind posts
  • max background
  • music player
  • three extra links
  • infinite scroll/next buttons
  • boarders
  • rounded
  • shadows
  • post size 200/400/500
  • change font
  • adjustable sidebar position

custom colors

  • background
  • posts bg 
  • nav bg
  • nav text
  • text
  • link
  • link hover
  • border
  • shadow
Positive Thinking Tips


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2. Believe you have what it takes to succeed. Don’t give up on yourself when you do something stupid or you meet some obstacle that interrupts your plans. You’re still in control of your destiny.

3. Write your negative thoughts down on a piece of paper then tear it into pieces or burn the list. Now, write a long list of personal affirmations and decide to read through this several times a day.

4. Recognise and avoid all the negative people who’ll wear you down or knock you off your path. Often whiners and complainers are never going to change – so minimize the time you spend with them.

5. Identify and hang out with positive people who see life as a gift to be treasured and enjoyed. These are the people who see the good in others, and offer encouragement to everyone they meet.


I honestly just got completely bored and was inspired by redux edit themes, this was not edited by redux just inspired by it so there are more customizations to it than my previous themes.

  • icon or text links
  • background full cover
  • rounded or square post / sidebar
  • 2 optional post sizes default if not selected is 320px
  • sidebar at the top OR default select only one
  • you can hide sidebar portrait in default or not
  • other features im too lazy to explain lmao :—)

Preview 1 | Preview 2 | Pastebin


Tiny Attempt theme by Father-Fruitcake

✰✰✰ code | preview ✰✰✰


my first attempt at making a theme, if you have any difficulties or criticism please tell me! it’s one column, floating sidebar and infinite scroll!


  • background img
  • sidebar pixel 
  • sidebar img
  • adjustable side img 
  • max background
  • music player
  • two extra links

custom colors

  • background
  • posts bg 
  • nav bg
  • nav text
  • text
  • link
  • link hover
  • boarder
  • sidebar title


candidate redux edit by reayanami

hhh here is yet another redux edit. tried a lot of new things w/ this one and i Think it came out alright

previews: 01 and 02

feature s:

  • 25 color options, for pretty much everything
  • maximized bg option
  • post shadow
  • link transition effect (like if u want ur links to fade or not)
  • sidebar can be either right or left
  • 7 links, 4 of them are optional
  • custom top and left margins for render
  • custom post image opacity
  • custom post font and size
  • custom notes symbol and reblog title
  • aaand custom navigation title
  • i also styled the audio posts so they wouldn’t look so boring

thats basically it! i hope u guys enjoy this theme and if u have any questions dont hesitate to send me a message :)


Transparent + free to use. No need to credit



butterfly theme by moonwisp

preview 1 / preview 2 / preview 3 / code

idrk where i was going with this when i started„, but i kinda like how it turned out !! it’s super fun to customize!

features and stuff under the cut

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